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Tuesday,15th February 2011

Annual lunch for flag project & dignitaries of commonwealth

The Commonwealth Flag Project Annual Lunch was once again a resounding success. Held in Flore on the 15th of February at the home of Edward and Penny Aubrey-Fletcher. The Trustees and Patrons welcomed the 2011 Honorary Presidents to join us for Lunch. They included: His Excellency Mr Paul Farquharson, High Commissioner of the Bahamas and his wife Mrs Sharon Farqhuharson; Her Excellency Kamela Palma, High Commissioner for Belize; Robert Williams, UK government Representative of Anguilla and Adrian Davis, Governor of Montserrat (Designate). This was then followed by a visit to the Millennium Hall to view our unique Vice-Regal Standard Exhibition.

To save any embarrassment, I duly notified the Governor of Montserrat’s Aide-de-Camp to pass on a message to the Governor beforehand, that his Vice-Regal Standard in the Exhibition was very small indeed as it was the Governor’s Limousine Standard. This was all they had at the time. Unfortunately the message did not get through and one of the first questions the Governor asked me in the Hall (pointing to the small Standard) was, ‘who’s is that very small Standard?’  - Lets say we are still talking and had a good laugh about it. Something good did come out of it– the Governor has put in an order at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for a batch of normal sized Standards for his use in Montserrat in April. Adrian was Country Director for North and East Asia for the Department for International Development (DFID) based in Beijing, China.

Her Excellency Kamela Palma, High Commissioner for Belize, was very fond of England and had lived here for 14 years before taking on a new role in Belize. Her CV is so long, we would need 20 Messengers to get it in, so if you are interested, go onto a search engine and find out more. Needless to say, Karmela gave a thrilling account of Belize and her role as High Commissioner. Robert Williams also joined us, Robert was representing the Governor of Anguilla, His Excellency Alistair Harrison. He was so taken with Flore and the Project that he is organising a future visit with other UK Anguillans and children from the Caribbean to come and visit the Project and to learn more about the Overseas Territories and Commonwealth.

Our forth Honorary President is His Excellency Paul Farquharson who before taking on the Role of High Commissioner was the Police Commissioner for the Bahamas.
When Mr Farquharson revealed his planned retirement to the Prime Minister, his reply was ‘You are too young to retire, you must continue in service!’ and selected him to come to London as High Commissioner. Paul’s Wife Mrs Sharon Farquharson was Head of the Probation Service. Having the Police Commissioner and the Head of Probation all under one roof, I guess you would sleep well at night, knowing what’s going on around you!

We are more than blessed with our new Honorary Presidents, and look forward to keeping in touch over the coming year. Thanks to all our supporters and to everyone who helped the day go so smoothly - it was a triumph ! We would like to wish Adrian Davis our very best Wishes on taking up his appointment as Governor of Montserrat on April 11th 2011.

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