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The Commonwealth Disaster Relief Scheme

A privately funded Disaster Scheme is being founded in addition to the Flag Project. The Disaster Relief Scheme has emerged as the favourite winner, owing to the many complications that were highlighted when looking at a possible  ‘Fellowship Scheme’ as an alternative. The Disaster Relief Scheme is open to all members of the Commonwealth or the Overseas Territories as and when a disaster Strikes. 

When disasters do take place, especially in remote areas, getting aid is often slow and bureaucratic, so we are in the process of setting up a means of getting funds where its needed, possibly to NGO’s that are in the immediate area.

The Disaster Relief scheme relies solely upon private funding, which gives local companies both large and small the opportunity to get involved.  We are already talking to potential benefactors that will help fund it and some that have done so already.  Many of these are National and International companies who have a link with Flore and its community.  The crucial aim is to maintain that special friendship with all Commonwealth countries that is a little different, therefore, we thought it fitting that is some small way we could continue to keep this visible “bond of friendship” by the setting up a Disaster Fund.

The Disaster Relief Scheme is being founded in conjunction with a Flore community venture involving the flying of flags. Correspondence has been exchanged from Flore with Monarchs, Prime Ministers, Commissioners, Governors and Administrators of all the Commonwealth and Overseas Territories.  90 of the 91 countries are now on board and have each sent one of their National flags so that we can fly them in Flore, on their respective National day, Queen’s day or other relevant celebratory day. We hope that the remaining flags will be forwarded shortly. This Project is unique to Flore, since the Commonwealth Institute, London closed in 1996 and is the only organization of its kind in the UK other than Marlborough House in London.

The village of Flore, in Northamptonshire, was originally called Flower until 1685, has by good fortune, an indigenous plum (The Flore Plum).  Mythology has it that the Romans named the settlement “Flora” on seeing the plum trees in blossom.  If the legend were true it would be singularly appropriate considering that it was almost the first village in England to hold a Flower festival and one has been held here since 1963.  Flore is a community of 1000 people.   We see this project as very workable and something to change lives around the world.  We also trust this will be a fitting tribute to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen – a reason this all began in the first instance.
To get involved in the project, or to help fund the Fellowship, please contact any members of the Council or contact Councillor Johnnie Amos on 01327 349080 for further information.

The Flore Commonwealth Disaster Relief Scheme will:

  • Provide a community focus and outward looking initiative for Flore.
  • Give emergency aid to our Commonwealth brothers and sisters where needed in times of disaster.
  • Provide a worthy celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

As for additional information there are 5 patrons for the organization, The Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire Lady Juliet Townsend, District Councillor Mrs Wendy Amos, The Lady Braye, Chris Heaton-Harris MEP and Lady Morton. In addition, 4 Commonwealth High Commissioners or Governors of the Overseas Territories will be appointed each year as Honorary Presidents. A Trust has been up that has accepted charity status (see Trustees), as the Council by law is unable to send funds overseas. We are a non-profit making organization with Accepted Charitable status.


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