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Flag Exhibition Launch 2009


Flore –The Village

The village of Flore, originally called Flower until 1685, has by good fortune, an indigenous plum (The Flore plum). Mythology has it that the Romans named the settlement ‘Flora’ on seeing the plum trees in blossom. If the legend were true, it would be singularly appropriate, considering that Flore was almost the first village in England to hold a Flower festival (Walpole St Peter, being the first), one that has run since 1963.

The Flower Festival managed to make £5000 (a huge sum for the time) which was spent on restoring the chancel roof overseen by the architect Stephen Dykes Bower's, surveyor of the Fabric of Westminster Abbey. Flore is a community of 1000 people and is therefore small in the eyes of many to be taking on such a bold Scheme.

The Family of Cecil Rhodes, Founder of Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe) lived in Flore from 1760 until they sold the house in the 1960’s. The gravestones of the Rhodes family are in the Parish Church of All Saints and the Church of St Peter in the adjoining hamlet of Brockhall.

We see both the Commonwealth Flag Project and Disaster Relief Scheme very workable at this level and something that we hope will change lives when needed around the world. And last but not least, we trust this will be a fitting tribute to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen, - a reason this all began in the first instance.

The Flore Flag Projects Origins

The Project started in 2003 as a way of celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen in 2012.  The Golden Jubilee in 2002 was marked with a hugely successful village picnic celebration on the Brodie Lodge Field in Flore.

We felt strongly that if we were to undertake a worthwhile project that celebrates The Queen’s 60th year on the Throne, then it should not only be thoroughly and conclusively thought out,but should also be fully up and running by June 2nd 2012, the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation -  which we very pleased to say it was.

Our Commitment

The Flag Project is run efficiently with the flags being flown on the respective National days of the Commonwealth, or equivalent of the Overseas Territories.

Small group of volunteers see to it that flags are hoisted and lowered, with events steaming ahead now we are focusing on the Disaster Funding Scheme.

Gold Members

All of these people listed below are considered gold members for the contribution to this project so far we recognise them as follows:

Carlos & Geraldine Remes
Mr and Mrs Steve Ellis 
Mrs Sheila Parr
Simon & Anne Parr
Andy Street (John Lewis Partnership)
Cllr Johnnie Amos
Mr and Mrs Antony Garrett
Mr and Mrs Andrew Brady
Ian & Jan Yuill                                      
Cllr Mrs Sue Kerrison                           
Mr and Mrs Paul Holdsworth
Mr and Mrs Paul King                           
The Lady Braye
Mr and Mrs Barry Howard
Mr and Mrs William Craghill (Michael Jones Jewellers)
Drs Ron and Val White
Mr and Mrs David Powell
Cllr Mrs Wendy Amos
Mr and Mrs Paul Minton
Mr Sean Collins (Boden & Ward)
Diana Wright
Taffy –Dennis Thomas
Lady Morton
Jenny Edge
Caroline Rooke
Brian Elmore
Homebase , Weedon Rd


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