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The Exhibition in Flore's Millennium Hall 2009The Commonwealth Flag Project

Patrons: The Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire Lady Juliet Townsend, The Queen’s Representative; District Councillor Wendy Amos, The Lady Braye, Chris Heaton-Harris MEP and Lady Morton. In addition our Honorary Presidents will be four Commonwealth High Commissioners and Governors to be appointed annually.

Over the past three years we have been setting up a project that will put the village of Flore well and truly on the map!  The flag project is a major event to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. In addition, we are proud to be setting up a disaster funding scheme also. The flag project is seen as a great educational tool for children and the participation of schools, not to mention a great way for all the member countries of the Commonwealth as a great means to promote themselves and their respective countries and Islands.

This all began as an item on the Council Agenda regarding the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and it had been discussed as to how much advanced preparation is needed for events such as these.  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is the next major Royal celebration, and the idea of the Queen and Her love of the Commonwealth was the perfect choice. 

Correspondence has been exchanged from Flore with monarchs, prime ministers, commissioners, governors and administrators of all the Commonwealth and overseas territories.  Ninety of the Ninety one countries are now on board and have each sent one of their national flags so that we may fly them in Flore, on their respective national day, Queen’s Day or other relevant celebratory day.  Any remaining flags will hopefully be received soon.  This is a unique event to Flore since the Commonwealth Institute in London closed in 1996.

The new flagstaffs are sited around the war memorial, all which were kindly donated, in addition to those forming a quarter circle of flagstaffs running around from the memorial, the remaining flagstaffs are demountable. Your support is greatly appreciated, as this whole enterprise will be supported by private donation. In addition to the national flags being flown, an indoor display of Vice Regal Standards will be exhibited thanks for the kindness and generosity of the Commonwealth governor-generals, Australian state governors, lieutenant governor's of Canada, and the governors of the British overseas territories.

In addition to the Flag Project, a Disaster Relief Scheme is being founded. This scheme will rely upon private funding, which gives local companies both large and small the opportunity to get involved.  It has also been brought to our attention that there are other local individuals interested in donating a flagstaff, so get in contact (see below) These are £289 (internal Halyard)  including VAT and fitting, and the suppliers are Zephyr Flags.

To get involved in the project itself, or to help fund the Fellowship, or to donate a flagstaff please contact members of the Council or contact Councillor Johnnie Amos on +44 (0)1327 349080  for further information.

The Commonwealth Flag Project and the Disaster Relief Scheme will:

  • Provide a community focus and outward looking initiative for Flore.
  • Give emergency aid to our Commonwealth brothers and sisters where needed in times of disaster.
  • Provide a worthy celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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